Sunday, 12 June 2011

Onomatopoeia Poems - Useful to Writers and Fun For the Readers

The poetry with the use of such suggestions, the use sound and rhythmic movement are wonderful to read, recite and enjoy. The concept of onomatopoeia meaning, general and broader, applied to words that suggest what they call, move, size, power, feel or sound. Onomatopoeia poems is sometimes called echoism this means something like an echo. In other words, it means a combination of words or word that sounds if there are some similarities in tone, it means.

***onomatopoeia poem1***

BAKE A CAKE - by Lee Emmett, Australia

Onomatopoeia Poems1

cake tins clatter and bang
wooden spoons tap, tap, tap
beat butter and sugar together
cream, creamy, creamier
softly sift self-raising flour
crack an egg, empty contents, splat
gurgle milk into the mix
hand-held egg-beater whirring
bake the cake for an hour
lick the bowl, rinse and wash
slosh, splash water on the floor
tip hot cake onto rack to cool
pipe icing and whipped cream
plonk strawberries round edge
yummy, kids say to their mummy

***onomatopoeia poem2***


Onomatopoeia Poems2

dimples dab
daftly dubbing
dowager's drab
dishwasher drubbing

darling dips
drinking dram
down-drain drips
dried-up dam

drachmas deeming
deadlock's drill
death daydreaming
dreadlock's dill

***onomatopoeia poem3***

MONEY-MANIA - by Dr. ram Sharma, India

Onomatopoeia Poems3

Man started money,
For the easy tranfer of things,
But now man has become its victim,
Everything has been transferred
For money,
All evils,
For money,
Man has become animal,
For money
This is

***onomatopoeia poem4***

Hot-Dog - by William Thomas Dodd, UK

Onomatopoeia Poems4

There was a flash
followed by a loud bang,
even the footballers froze,
somebody heard a pin drop,
all eyes were on the hot-dog hut
it had blown up,
there was a creak
as the door opened
out came the hot-dog man
with sizzled hair
and singed eyebrows
holding the till with the takings,
the jingling of coins,
a murmur, a cheer, a whistle,
play resumes.

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